The Blog and ME

               Like every other introduction I created this blog saying that I always wanted to create one. Many times I have gone through all the steps of creating a blog and returned not crossing the finish line – publish. I always had a fear that i do not practice (write) well enough to cross the line. Now I am putting up this blog after being hardly suggested by one of my friend and to practice more in the right platform. This blog will start and continue holding drafts and notes that pass through my mind and witness with my time and moreover it will have reflections of myself with the books I read.

To have a clear connection with the posts I make here in the blog, look down.

  1. Matthew John from Tamilnadu.
  2. Doing Masters in Information systems at Uppsala University,Sweden.
  3. Have passion towards photography, film making.
  4. Interested in Travelling and Writing.
  5. Obsessed in entering film industry and ended up with information systems.
  6. Movie fanatic.
  7. Now living in Uppsala,Sweden studying and working part-time distributing Newspapers between 3 and 6 in the morning.


 The posts tagged as “WEEK” are connected with its previous one. Reading from number 1 will make some point.

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Lady at 26!

Woke up with the alarm sound by 3 in the morning and grabbed my work phone and checked today’s papers to deliver. A message popped up as “NO SVD today”. Usually I deliver UNT(Uppsala Nya Tidning), DN(Dagens Nyheter) and SVD(Svenska Dagbladets) on sundays. I was happy that no SVD and so I could finish work … Continue reading Lady at 26!

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