Week11 & Week12

I  am so late in documenting the weeks 11 and 12 of 2017. I could not stick to certain pattern of writing this blog. Though I sat down to write, the thoughts of writing something worthy made me not to write.  I read through all the previous posts of the blog. One thing which looked and felt so good is I found myself revisiting all the past days of this year in a flash reading the posts. The actual intent of writing weekly draft was different. But this blog is created because my friend suggested if you write and keep it as documents in your pc or phone you might lose it at some point of time but if you could record all these as journals in the blog you might revisit and feel nostalgic about it. That kind of nostalgic feeling is what is got when i read through all the posts which helped to travel through the past. Then I made myself clear that this weekly drafts are what I am writing for myself. Even though they are not productive I have to draft it as I do now.

In connection with the above, I have watched a TedX talk in which a guy was describing how recording a second of his life each day helped him to remember the whole day.  He normally records one second from his life everyday and makes it as a video and looks at it to visit his life swiftly. I wished I should do the same. I am not sure when I am going to start doing it, but if I do it then it will be posted in the blog.


Coming back to the weeks, the first 3 days of the week11 was tight as we had our project presentations on the third day. It was tiring to work in the night and focus on the presentation side by side. I had a fear to speak or to present something in the class assuming that I wont perform well  or I wont be giving out meaningful informations. But this time I have not had any fear because I did not think about how I am going to perform, instead I focussed on what I am going to deliver. I cannot say that I spoke well in the presentation of the project but at least I was not afraid of presenting as I were in the past. After the presentation I was a bit more confident that I will speak more precisely in the seminars to come.


Week 12 went on with preparations for the exam of first course in second semester of my programme at Uppsala University. I had 5days leave from the work I do every morning. So week 12 was a week which gave a lot time to rest and quite a short added time to read for the exam. For the first time I went to write the exam without any fear. I went to write exams in my bachelor’s without any fear because I knew I know nothing about the exam subject. But this is kind of an inverse but not exactly that I knew everything but I was sure I would pass. The exam went well. The exam centres will be in different parts of the city where one exam will take on the north pole and other on the south pole of the city. So each time I had to follow the navigation and reach the place. After the exam I was in a mode that I did not wanted to use the navigation because of the funny statement made by a friend from my batch just before entering the hall.  He said “The reason for having the exam centres at different places every time is to make us to tour and explore the uppsala”. That sounded right at least to myself. After the exam I planned I am not going to take the same road to the home and I took some other road and drove through the roads I wanted. With no confusions of whether I was heading in the right way, I reached home with a less delay of time than the actual time but with more of happiness. I happened to notice the shops I wanted to go and places I noticed when I travelled in buses when I drove without navigation. Now I know to navigate myself to some parts of uppsala than before. Finally it was a week which had its weekend with more rest than the other weeks.

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